Shaman healing cata rotation

16. prosince 2011 v 10:27

Resto Shaman Healing Cata 403 Plus Heal WoW Healing Community Ive Been Busy With Life And As Such Elitist Beat Me Out With Their Compilation Of Notes They Also Did A .
The much talked about pre-Cataclysm patch will soon be upon us, and although Resto Shaman remain one of the least altered classes, there are still a host of changes .
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this is how I think you should heal with the new spec. will probably do new edits of this after doing a few weeks of raiding.
Cata Shadow Priest Rotation Tank Spot 2010-10-24 08:32:00 Heya guys. I'd been playing arround on the beta for quiet awhile as holy and disc. Now i want to try shadow .
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Shaman healing gui de. -spells - totems -talents -glyphs -gear -enchants Spells . One big blob o' text is hard to find information. I think you may need a little .
MaxDPS Recommends: New Gold Making Guide! Shaman healing cata rotation Fully updated for Cataclysm!
In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we
RT->HW->HW->HW repeat. Replace with GHW if fallign behind, HS if really low. glyphs: earth shield, earthliing, riptide, healing wave, chain heal, healing stream totem.
So I have replaced all my greens with blues and have attempted running some random . Originally Posted by havik02 Everyone was taking way too much damage for any .
A Few Guides to Priest Healing in Cataclysm; Cataclysm Questions and Answers - April 2011; The Priest BiS (Best In Slot) Gear Listings; Cataclysm Priest 85 Shadow .
Restoration Shaman PVE Spec The restoration tree
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