Oxycontin wont crush

16. prosince 2011 v 10:27

I'm not sure how to start a poll so this'll Oxycontin wont crushhave to do. I was wondering what all . i'll take roxy over oxy any day. roxy

Oxycontin wont crush

feels better and helps my pain more. also .
So I have taken a few hydrocodones and oxycodones in the past, but don't think ever oxycontin. So I'm putting myself at zero tolerance for safety's sake.
Best Answer: You destroy the controlled release of the drug Oxycodone. This results in the immediate absorption of all the drug into the system. This can lead to .
OxyContin is a widely used prescription pain killer. OxyContin is a popular street drug because of its ability to induce a quick heroin-like high.
So i got hooked up with some oxycodone and was just wondering if smoking it will be . You can't smoke oxycodone at all. . You can do it, but I'm sure smoking all .
Message Written by; I just got put on opana for pain, should I of asked for oxycontin instead? Has anyone been on this drup? It Oxycontin wont crush is oxymorphone which I guess is a form .
there seems to be 2 stories goin around. 1-wet the pill and wipe off the green/blue dye on the outside of the pill. 2-(CRUSH THE PILL TO A POWDER). the pill is like a .
Best Answer: I'm a pharmacist. You should not crush or chew oxycontin 20mg tablets. I would question why your doctor prescribed that drug for you. Oxycontin is used .
The outer coating does nothing. The time-release is a wax that is mixed with the oxycodone that make up the inside of the pill. The wax is difficult for your stomach .

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