Knot in arm after iv

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Over a month ago I went to the hospital with servere stomach pains. They gave me an IV of something and it didn't hurt much, considering how I punched
Best Answer: You need to see a doctor to know for sure. That said, phlebitis is a possibility, but so are many other conditions. Without a medical .
Sore arm after pneumonia shot. What do i put on a red hot swollen arm from a pneumonia shot? Sore arm pneumonia shot how long will it last?
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What could a large swollen knot under the skin on the arm be?
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Question: I had a iv placed in my arm approximately 2 months ago, and am experiencing a large lump still to this day. Its now red and very sore around the area and .
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Knot in arm after iv

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I had an IV inserted into my Knot in arm after iv left arm on the inside of the elbow. Now two days later I have a bump sore to the touch and hard to flex the arm.
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